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Planeten-Expedition (Ukrainian Version)

This show takes us on an exciting sightseeing tour through the solar system. Fully automated space probes have explored Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with their moons and discovered many exciting things. Today, we can imagine what astronauts can expect when they one day will visit these celestial bodies. Experience an adventurous journey to the natural wonders of our solar system as realistically as possible.

The show is a joint production of 19 planetariums from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Planetarium Osnabrück is one of these partners. The 50-minute show was written and produced over the course of two years.

The Planetarium Mannheim translated the show into Ukrainian. We are happy to be able to offer this version now.

The show is also screened with the German original audio version.

The show is suitable for adults and children from around 10 years of age.

Adults: 6,50 Euro
Children and reduced: 3,50 Euro

2,50 Euro per person

phone: 0541 323-7000
email: info@museum-am-schoelerberg.de

We kindly ask to book tickets in advance as many shows are fully booked early. Reserved tickets must be collected at the front desk of the museum 15 minutes before the show starts.


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